Clearwater Building

Boise, Idaho


A considerable part of City Center Plaza, is the nine-story Clearwater Building. Clearwater Analytics is the leading provider of web-based investment portfolio accounting, reporting, and reconciliation services for institutional investors in over 9,000 organizations. Inhabiting five floors of the new Clearwater Building at City Center Plaza, our team provided a cohesive designed space where Clearwater was able to consolidate multiple locations into one. Employee amenities were a high priority to the owners. Everything from beta bars, break rooms, and outdoor patios to shower rooms and even a basketball court were included in this tenant improvement.


A driving objective was to keep current talent and attract new talent - with a fresh young look.


Boise State University Computer Science department occupies two floors of the building with offices and classrooms — all overlooking the most prominent public space in downtown Boise.


Project Contacts

Rob Cottle

Jennifer Reed